NEW PRODUCT!!! NEW PRICE!!! and BUY 4 GET 1 FREE: When you purchase 4 A-RIGS we will send you 1 free of charge. NEW Design New Wire!!

The A-Rig

We have went back to the Drawing Board!! Now our A-rigs come with a .041 304 Stainless Steel wire "No More Tangles" and should eliminate rusty a-rigs!

With lots of requests for different snap and swivel combinations, We have also added a Heavy Duty Stainless Steel split ring to the wire harness, that way you can easily switch out the clips for a different swivel and snap Combination if you desire

With OUR weighted A-rigs you can get to the depth of the fish faster which relates to more casts during the Tournament... take your favorite soft plastic and turn them into a school of bait..

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